Used Hair Dryers and Puffy-Eyed Neighbors

Last week, I was busy doing a yard/bake sale with my mother-in-law. So I was rockin it, goin through all of our ten-thousand boxes, bakin brownies, slappin on those flourescent stickers and makin signs. The end? Fifty quarters and a hundred dollar bills layin around my house…

There is always a point where I wonder why I actually enjoy this sorta thing. I mean, really. What you make is not even close to the time and effort you put in. But there’s something about a yard sale I just can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s the rush. Just puttin all your stuff out and watching people flood in and grab up what you are sure is complete junk, is delightful, even a bit humorous, to say the least. Not to mention, that for at least half a day, you can wear your pink slippers as a fashion statement.

Everyone comes in their bed heads and nightshirts, and puts on their best cheery voice, as if they’ve been up for hours. It’s great. They all come with puffy eyes, so you don’t feel so bad about yours. You indulge in brownies and sip on some hot coffee together and forget how frighteningly early it is on a Saturday morning. Then they give you fifty cents as they walk away with that hair dryer you never use.

So reallly. It’s a winning situation. You get rid of the stuff that is taking up valuable space in your garage, they get a deal…you’re both happy. And you bond with the neighbors…:)


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