So it’s that time…the last leaves are clinging relentlessly to the trees, the summertime busy-ness has given way to early sunsets and long evenings…and pumpkin spice lattes are calling out to me everywhere I turn…It’s that time…when I turn the page of another year. And in my usual fashion, I kick into the mode of celebrating and reminiscing…From Computer 4890

So I was thinking…how do I want to celebrate? And what is the meaning of another birthday? This year, I think I want to do things a little bit differently. Because if there is any meaning in this birthday, it is because of the people who are in my life. This year should have been a not-so-pretty mess. There’s been a few things that should’ve rocked my world. But it wasn’t. They didn’t. Why? Because of the people that keep me going. Because of Friends. Family. Love. So instead of celebrating me, I think it’s more appropriate to celebrate the people who have made this year so rich and wonderful.

I came here seventeen months ago, not knowing a soul, but trusting my heart. And now I’ve come to know some of the most beautiful people. I’ve found the most meaningful relationships. And I’ve been touched by the most random acts of kindness.

So here’s a shout-out to you who have been there for me through all the “stuff” of my 29th year. You’ve made me laugh. You’ve shown me how to sip lattes. You’ve pulled up a stool beside mine at the Rutledge. You’ve forced me to dance on Broadway. You’ve given me the inspiration to write. You’ve drank my cheap red wine and eaten my most ambitious culinary creations. You’ve endured the waves of my emotions and put up with my political ramblings. It’s been the ride of my life and I love you all for loving me.

Cheers to you, my nashville people…for making this a good one.
I thought I was just making a brunch for my friends...DSCF1198DSCF1202

I thought I was making a brunch for my girlfriends, but they made sure it was a birthday party…for me!!

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