Three Weeks and a Girl Named Ariana.

IMG_2633It has been three weeks since I first laid eyes on her…since I have become transformed by the greatest love on earth. Love that has taken me on a journey of blissful discovery, and heartwrenching pain, of pure joy and deepest mystery. I never knew the answers to so many of life’s questions would lie deep inside such a small soul. Every time I look into her face, I gain some sort of new understanding…I discover new significance in the common and the ordinary. I find meaning in eternal complexities.

Perhaps this IS the meaning of life…to slow down and enjoy the moments. To feel even the smallest flutter of a soft eyelash against my skin. To appreciate the details of a perfectly designed finger nail. To look for a smile in the face of a stranger. Perhaps this is what it means to give, and not even think of getting something in return. What Jesus meant when He said we should be “as little children.” And what it means to be loved…with no boundaries.

I never knew I could become this much in such a short span of space. In three weeks, I have become a mother…to the most beautiful little girl in the world. I have become a worshiper…to the God who loves me the way that I love her. A friend…who appreciates even the minutest act of kindness the way that she does. And most of all, a believer…because everyone and everything starts out as pure as this.

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