Redeeming the Days.

Yesterday it seemed there was not much redemption for a perfectly beautiful day gone bad. I went to bed still trying to somehow fix what I felt was a complete waste of a good holiday. I mean, it was Labor Day, and we woke up to find both of our car keys stolen and random items taken out of our vehicles, which had been unsuspectingly parked behind our chic little suburban house, as usual. I mean, who takes someone else’s briefcase full of someone else’s business forms, out of someone else’s car? Really! It all seemed pretty silly, but nevertheless, caused us some significant grief, as we tried to figure out how to go on with our plans…specifically, my plans to hit the stores early for those labor day specials.  Not to mention the brain cells we wasted trying to figure out how to keep “them” from coming back and driving off with the cars, which “they” now had the keys for. So that was how it started. And as hard as we tried, things just never quite came together after that. Plans kept getting changed, communication kept breaking down, John kept being eerily quiet, when I needed him to speak, and I missed the biggest sale on a food processor that’s been on my wish list for two whole years.  We were never quite able to communicate, or pray, or understand, our way through to happiness, or for that matter, even just a flow of things. It was kind of a mess.

But this morning, I got up and hardly remembered the chaos of yesterday. John had managed to magically produce a “spare” key to the car and I had gotten a decent night of sleep. I woke up to my baby’s blue eyes smiling at me and diffused sunlight coming through my splattered bedroom window. I proceeded to sort laundry and make a few phone calls. Then I went to my friend Trish’s to watch her baby boy while she took her four year old to preschool orientation. It was such a pretty day, so I took him and Ariana outside, and laid them both in the grass, and watched them be babies together. It was actually pretty miraculous to see two such innocent little souls interact. Course, it consisted mostly of “baby boy” grunting and squeaking (You know. Those sounds that babies make!),  happily chillin’ out on his back, while plopped on a sunny blanket…and “little girl” jumpin’ around on the blanket, grabbing for his toes, and persisently throwing UFO’s at him…on some occassions, flailing herself (gasp!)in his direction, all, in an effort to spark his unresponsive affection. Yeah. I had a few laughs at them, in between the gasps of fear. But it was pretty funny. Later, we stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things, but not before the car sputtered out on its final drops of gas, and I croaked on in to the dingy gas station nearby. I came home just in time to put the baby down for a final nap before dinner, and for me to get caught up on all things around the house. John came home a few hours later (with cheesecake in hand!!), and we looked each other in the eyes and talked about our day. And it was good. Not spectacular. In fact, it was pretty “normal,”  as far as the actual events go, but it was glorious in its own way. Glorious because it reminds me again that, with peace and love, there is always redemption for the days gone bad. Because of love, the quietness of today triumphs the chaos of yesterday. Ordinary routine diminishes the lack of order from yesterday’s turmoil. Moments of wonder redeem the hours of worry. And Peace, that passes all understanding, redeems every ugly day.

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