Couponing and such…

I’ve been wanting to blog about my newfound love of couponing. It’s not really “newfound” but I just rediscovered its joys in ways that I hadn’t known before. For one, I have entered into the world of coupon blogs. Which in itself is quite enlightening and helpful, not to mention a completely adequate way to use up a whole afternoon in no time. Second, but probably more importantly, I’ve entered the world of giving. Giving? You might wonder what that has to do with couponing. Well, for me, it has everything to do with it. It looks something like this. I see a store has a certain item on sale and I happen to have a coupon for that item which makes it super-cheap, (especially when it’s doubled, or tripled,right?!!) And you know I’m not one to let a good deal slip under my nose, so even if I don’t use that item, I know someone who does, and when I’m out workin those coupon deals for myself, I throw that in for them. I mean, why not give someone an “almost free” box of pasta when you know they would’ve paid three bucks for it, had you not spent those three extra seconds picking it up and putting it your cart? That, for me, combines two things I love. Saving money and helping people! Now if I could just make us all healthy. I’d be God.:)

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