Apparently it’s Christmas at our house!

I wasn’t really in the Christmas spirit until the other day, when I went up to my Mom-in-law’s and baked a bunch of cookies. It was so much fun using her big, bad kitchen (complete with all the “toys” a wanna-be chef needs!) to whip em out by the dozens,  like I was Martha Stewart. I actually made some good old sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles (my hubby’s favorite:)) and as if that wasn’t enough, I decided to make the most of my domestic zealousness or”christmas spirit” or whatever it was, and make some magic bars and a pan of toffee.

Yeah. I was pretty much in over my head at some point, but I had fun, nonetheless.

This year the goal is to hand out generous, glittery plates of homemade goodness to our friends as Christmas gifts. I made the mistake of doing the same thing like three years ago. And now, “some” (you know who you are) seem to think it is a yearly tradition, and like happy little dogs, come early October, they’re lined up at my door, waggin’ and pantin’ for “some more of those magic bars…”

So that’s most of the reason behind this cooking madness. Some of it is just me gettin in the spirit. And I gotta say, since I went to my “mum’s,” I haven’t been able to get out of it.

Even my dreams have been pretty festive. It’s like every Christmas idea that ever pops into my head, I find myself swimming in, up to my eyeballs, even if it requires me to eat only sugary things, and go without naps for the next five days.

One of those ideas, was to make my own organic Hot Cocoa Mix and depending on how delicious or not so delicious it is, give that to my peeps, as well. So the past few days, I’ve been running to any and all sweet little natural stores to gather ingredients for that.

I have a feeling I may be pushing this uber-domesticated-overly-enthusiastic little mood that I’m in, but I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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