New “Stuff.” Aka Priceless, Meaningful Objects Which Make Me Happy.

I’ve been re-arranging and re-purposing things at my house. If I was pregnant, they would call it “nesting.” But I’m not that. So I guess it’s just the heat of the summer gettin to me and I seem to have nothing better to do than to re-invent the interior of my house. I am actually kinda proud of myself, because the only thing that I’ve bought in the process, is this beautiful, almost antique desk for my entryway/reading area. And it only cost me 100 dinero:

Then I also hung my treasured branch, which I had bought about a year ago, at a Salvage shop for $4. It had not been serving its intended purpose just hanging over our entertainment center, so I had my handy dandy man help me hang it in the entryway to create a totally awesome room divider. It was so fun to see my dreams come to life, since it turned out even better than what I had imagined when I bought the branch. And that’s very unusual for me. I’m still fiddlin with it but here’s what it looks like now…

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