Spring: The Resurrection!

Winter is almost over now and I see the light, the light of Spring. A hint of green.

I’m beginning to breathe again.

I breathe in the blue skies. Clear water. Yellow sun.

And I sing.

I sing a song I’ve never heard. A happy one, bubbling up from a crack in the soul.

Where worry used to sleep.

Hope comes like brittle branches bursting into color. A parade of petals on a single bud.

Transforming the frozen past.

Golden Glory. White resurrection. Purple redemption.

Erupting into joy.

Like a tiny sprout pushing through the broken ground.

Dormant dreams come to life.

The streets are busy now and I hear the sound, the sound of happiness. A new day!

Rising up from the grave.

The earth awakes.

Breaking the silence and the noise, of loneliness.

I walk among the faces. And I find a smile. Divine appointments.

A fresh perspective.

I stretch out my hands. For they hold the seeds of change.

Giving the world another start. A new beginning.

My own Spring.


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