A Series on Health: And so it begins!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALately I’ve been asked alot of questions about health, or how to be healthy. Which is funny, cuz I feel like in many ways, I’ve fallen off the bandwagon, myself. I’ve entertained more negative thoughts, skipped out on more exercise, and eaten more oreos than I care to admit. And yet, surprisingly enough, people still want to know what makes me so healthy??!!

I am honored and humbled anytime someone asks for my input on the subject of health. But especially so at this time. It lets me know how far I’ve come, and that even on my worst day, I’m still healthier than I was, two years ago. I’m still just as passionate about living a healthy life as I ever was! I guess that passion shines through even my weaknesses, and these junk-food pregnancy cravings. It lets me know that even when I think I’ve failed, I still have something that someone else wants or needs. Plus it motivates me to rise up to my own standards again, to jump back on the wagon, and to return to the things I know to do, that bring me LIFE.

So, for you, my readers and for all who have asked me how to get healthy, I thank you! Because of you, I am getting back to where I want to be…living a happy, wholesome life! And because of you, I’ve decided to do a weekly series of blog posts on this subject. Yes. You heard me. That means I will be posting on this blog, at least once a week! I’ve never done this before and Lord knows this is a big commitment for me. To write consistently about any subject is kind of a big deal, but even more so, when it comes to this area of my life.

What happens if I was planning to write about the anti-depressant effects of vitamin D and how it has helped me overcome depression, but then I’m depressed that day?

I remind myself that the reasons why I speak or write about anything, is not because I have attained a level of perfection in that matter, but because I want to share what I’ve learned. I am simply giving away the knowledge or experience that I’ve been given.

That, my friends I’m finding, is the beauty of life. And that is the splendor of owning a blog! I get to be real. I get to share my process with you. And you, my dear readers, get to learn from my mistakes as well as my success. Isn’t that what truly helps us grow, anyway? Being vulnerable enough to let someone else learn from our faults? Our slip-ups?

I believe we all have something to give, even if at times, it is simply admitting our humanity to another human. Being willing to say “I don’t like this about my life right now.” Or even, “I know a better way, will you help me get back to that?” Recognizing that no one walks out their convictions perfectly all the time.

So…starting next week, I will be posting about all things health and wellness, starting with my own story. My personal journey of how, at thirty-four, I’ve become the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been.

Stay tuned and be excited! For in this series, I will share my experiences, admit my failures, and spill all of my “secrets.” And I look forward to hearing yours!

Let’s help each other stay on the bandwagon. K?

Love you all.

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  1. Ruthie

    I am so happy to see and hear of your progress, Eli! No matter how “healthy” we are, we will probably always have room for improvement, as our world and our bodies change. The key is to keep an open mind and work positively toward our goals! Thanks for coming along!


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