Fashion Series: Summer, part 2. (Rompers and Maxi Dresses)

Rompers are my second boyfriend. They’re just so comfy and cool, and they are totally IN right now. They’re what I’ll be wearing this summer when I’m not at the pool or going out in my heels and my hubby’s classic ’69 Ford. Actually scratch that. I’ll for sure be wearing them then.

Because, what’s not to love about a stylish one-piece???


I have to admit, I may have let out a tiny little baby squeal and done a happy dance in the middle of Ross when I first laid eyes on this darling number.

It’s just so…well, perfect. It falls at the right place on my baby-bearing hips, and actually has straps which how many of you moms know is a GOOD thing??? You know those babies pull on anything that is not attached to something, and next thing you know, your romper is down at your feet and your boobs are hangin out like JJ’s at the super bowl, only worse, because you have your arms full of baby and bowls of oatmeal, and you can’t do anything about it for at least 5 minutes. A panic-induced, hellish FIVE MINUTES.


Straps are GOOOD.

And so are rompers!

Wear them short, strappy, with sleeves or without, flip-flops, stacked heels or barefeet, it doesn’t matter. This is one of the easy-breeziest styles to pull off and look totes adorbs without trying too hard.

IMG_2765 - Copy

IMG_3210 - Copy

Lately I find myself wearing a lot of braids and trucker’s hats. I’m such a hippy. I can’t help it.

Needless to say I got way too giddy when I started seeing this style in stores everywhere this year. It’s the perfect addition to my boho hippy wardrobe these days.

Plus, rompers are a two-in-one, a delightful mix between a sundress and shorts, and we already know how I feel about things that serve multi-purposes.

Once again: I’m a Mom. ‘Nuff said.

IMG_2845 - Copy

The other thing I love right now is a long, flowy dress.

I grew up wearing dresses and I still feel the best and most feminine in them. I’ve been known to wear dresses even in the dead of winter, but that’s a different story. Some (Amish) habits die hard, what can I say??

I enjoy wearing them, and maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think a classy dress ever goes out of style.

It goes on forever.


And nothing keeps me cooler, or more sexy than a maxi.

I feel mysterious and wonderful and at the height of my feminine power when I wear this.

Not to mention, it’s extremely versatile. (Whoop, there’s that word again! Sorry, it’s my fav!)

IMG_2898 - Copy

Do it up with lots of accessories and some fancy sandals or “dress” it down with just a simple pair of earrings and some flip flops, and you’ve got a sexy outfit, either way.


And here’s a bonus for all us five-footers. Maxis make you look taller (and, slimmer!) than you really are. Major win, right??? Unless, of course you don’t want to look taller, and slimmer. Then of course you should wear whatever you want, and disregard this message.

I won’t lie, but pictures DO and taller and slimmer is always better for pictures. Because, it’s true! The camera never freaking fails to add ten pounds, and it punks me every time. I can work out and eat well and think I look really good, and then I get myself on a picture, and yeeaah. I am literally a blob with no waist and no legs. Not even joking.

Has this ever happened to you??

Ok, so maybe not you tall girls. I can’t imagine that you have this problem. But this is the life of us “petite” ones.

All that to say I really do like myself, just not always in pictures.

And that’s why I wear Maxi dresses. They save me from the big fat-adding, smooshing, blobbing machine called the camera lens.



Not to mention, they are perfect.

The end.

What are you wearing and loving this summer?? Share your favorite styles in the comments below!


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