My rainbow child

My love forever.

You are the one that I spoke to when you were on the inside

And you listened

Sweet tender hearted man you are

Always listening for your mama’s voice,

Always aware of her laughter

and her pain.

And on those days when she is sad, you lift her head and say, “you happy Mama?”

Cause that is you,

My Emerson

My rainbow child

My love forever.

Determined to be here and to make everyone happy

Helping just like your daddy,

And knowing when to make us laugh

And that smile of yours that spreads

Across the sky

And beyond the trees

And brings sunshine

To our darkest days

Nothing in this world makes you happier than

Dirt and fourwheelers and food

And nothing makes us happier than you

My dear Emerson

My rainbow child,

My love forever.

Cause you are you and what a gift and what a light you are

To all our days, both bad and good

And when I’m old

and you are young

I hope and pray we’ve just begun

This journey on your birthday, son.

I wish today on all the stars,

For all our joys and sorrows

You’ll hold my hand and lift my head

For all of my tomorrows.

That I am yours and you are mine

And we’ll run through the trees together

‘Cause a lifetime’s not enough to spend with you

My darling Emerson

My rainbow child

My love forever.

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