(Tomorrow) We Will Still Be US.

Today is a good day to remember who I am and that nothing will ever change that. That no matter what, no president, no system, and no government can ever take my LOVE or my peace away.

Nothing outside of myself has that much power.

It’s good to remember that I am still the ultimate authority on what goes on in my heart and I will continue to live my life according to that, not what some man or woman or government decides for me. I will continue to be kind, and to say no to the things that cripple and mute and paralyze and yes to that which is good and right and unites my fellow humans.

No matter what happens and who is elected tonight, I will wake up tomorrow morning and still be the same person I am right now. I will still care for the minorities and the mistreated and the ones who have no voice in this world. I will wake up and cry about the same things I did today…namely the homeless, the truly homeless (refugees) and the hungry children, and I will smile and take hope in the same things I did today, namely what I see in me and my friends and those who refuse to let this election and the next President change who they ARE.

The sky will still be blue tomorrow, like the color of my daughter’s eyes and I will still find plenty to be thankful for. My little boy will be here, asking all the questions and wanting me to play “blocks” with him. My neighbor will be sitting on her front porch as usual, waiting for me to come by so she can tell me all about her past lives and her remedy for the world, and I will listen and find strength in her stories.

Tomorrow we will wake up and go to work for the same reasons we did today…to be here and to matter and to make a difference in our own little corners. We’ll all wake up with our bed heads and our cups of coffee on the same big beautiful planet we did today.

It’s good to remember that through all this, you and I will still be all the things we are and nothing will ever change that.


Carry on my little ones.

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