On Nesting (and Nearing the End of Your Life!)


Pregnancy is so weird. On one hand I just want to curl up in a ball and let the world go by while I sip on tea lattes and on the other I MUST DO ALL THE THINGS. I must climb all the mountains, rearrange all the furniture, hang all the picture frames and see aaallll the citays.

For example, this is my list today:

-go to Greece
-ride my bike in a cute little beach town
-paint the nursery
-put an addition on the house
-clean out the garage
-make vegan cheese
-take up martial arts
-sit around in a candlelit cabin, be surrounded by blankets and dogs and do nothing all day.

No this isn’t some distant goal, some far-away bucket list. This is my ideal day, people. At 6 months pregnant.

These are all square on my list of things to do today, (a.k.a yesterday)


Because we all know that my life will be over and nothing can ever be done AFTER THAT. I will never be able to ride a bike or travel in a plane AFTER that earth-shattering event.

I must RELAX now for all of eternity. I must see and do now for I will never see or do anything *everrrr* again.

All of us preggos, we get it. WE KNOWWW.

We know exactly how short life actually is. And for the rest of you who don’t, that is 9 months, or 40 weeks to be exact. 40 WEEKS. That’s it. 40 weeks to get that bedroom hall painted and for you to find a place for all the junk you’ve already accumulated from the first 39 years of your life. 40 weeks to cook and bake and fly to Italy and ONLY 40 WEEKS to relax and SLEEP when you want to.

The urgency is real.

It seeps into your body and your soul and keeps you awake even when you ARE sleeping.

This morning I woke up wondering if I had done “everything” I wanted to do last night.

Yep. Nesting is real and it’s basically a frantic, chilled-out person nearing the end of their life. A crazy calm, yet super-driven human being with only 9 months to live and sleep and eat…

and do EVERYTHING they’ve ever wanted to do.

P.s. don’t ever underestimate the power of a “nesting” preggers. Don’t throw a new job or propose a new plan and don’t even think of verbalizing that crazy new idea.

Cuz we are on it. We only have nine months, remember. And we are HERE FOR ALL OF THEM.

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