Here’s Your Story. Step inside.

For so long I walked OUTSIDE my story, not willing to face the abuse, the secrets, and the deep sadness I held since I was a child. It was miserable. I was miserable. I would constantly present only the best parts of myself to people I met so that I could be loved. I would intentionally minimize and skip over the parts of me that were hurting and wounded. It was exhausting.

And then one day thanks to a couple of ‘key’ people that had walked with me, I found the courage to crawl back in to those places, take a good hard look at them, and make peace with them. I decided that it was time to embrace ALL of me, and all of my story, whether good OR bad and stop rejecting those parts of me, the very real and vulnerable and not-resolved parts, because they were in fact, the most beautiful and powerful. They were the most useful and compelling and life-changing parts of me and not-surprisingly the MOST IMPORTANT in doing my life’s work and bringing healing to the world.

And that’s why I talk about them now. That’s why I share and write about them. I know now the power of being known, and the healing that can come when we tell the scary truths about ourselves. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m beginning to know the beauty that lies in BEING and not hiding, ME. And I’m never looking back.

I hope you know this, too. I hope you know how absolutely breathtaking and beautiful you are and how powerful your story is. How unique and intricately woven it is with who you are and why you are here..

(Because) you are beautiful, ALL of you. The loss, the love, the pain, all of it. May you own it and walk in it. I hope you find the courage to embrace your own journey, hurts, challenges and ugly parts like I did and that you’ll watch it transform into something more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

Do something brave today and step inside your story. Make peace with your pain so that it can become your POWER. You are worth it.
I’m here for you and I am listening.
Tell me your story! ❤

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