Fourth of July. Or Was it Valentine’s??

To be honest, yesterday was a mess. In fact, by Instagram standards it was an epic fail.

I woke up with visions of red, white and blue LAYERED popsicles that the kids would help me make for the fourth, (how fun, riiight??) but we didn’t have the right mold (I had thrown it in the trash earlier that week cuz it was broken, no joke!) and the blue turned out to be purple and so we ended up with SWIRLED pinkish-purple ‘Valentine’ popsicles instead.

We somehow managed to get all FIVE of us to the local, hometown parade and find a bit of shade just in time for the first floats to go screeching by and wake up THE SLEEPING BABY but not before I grabbed my camera and got this epic picture of my kids waving at nothing, apparently.

Later, we got rained out at a 4th of July picnic with friends and by the time we figured out where we were going for the fireworks it was windy and cold and I hadn’t even gotten a picture of the baby in his cute little semi-patriotic BLUE jeans and WHITE onesie he was wearing earlier that day.

I did however get a few snuggles in with the four year old who, while we were watching a super factual, but moving piece about our (American) history on the screen across the lawn, looked up at me and said “are you gonna cry Momm??” Cuz he knows. He knows that these things make me cry with pride and gratitude because their really is still NOTHING like this country. There really is still nothing as sweet or amazing as our freedom and that makes me cry all the tears.

It may have gone to hell in a hand basket as soon as we got in the car with all our glow sticks and none of us had had naps, but you know what?? We had fun! We had FREEDOM and we had the best of times yesterday.

I’ll take that over a perfectly posed picture any day.

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