Baby Skin.

Sometimes I stare at his paper-thin skin and I wonder how in the world can I possibly protect him? How can I possibly preserve his innocence in this cruel and rigid world?

It’s such a stark contrast to the toughness and furrowed brows of our society and yet when I think about it, we are all this vulnerable, we are all this fragile and dependent on someone to love us and care for us as if we are the only thing that matters to them.

And so I wonder: is it really a cruel world we live in, or are we all just babies who have grown up and learned to be tough? Have we all grown out of our baby skin, old and mean, or have we simply forgotten our fragility, our tenderness??

In all our dealings with the world and humanity, let’s not forget that we all started out like this. Let’s not forget our innocence and the sacred image of the God who made us, and let’s treat each other the way we would a baby.

With kindness.

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