On Love and Romance (After Baby).

Y’all. This is what love looks like after 3 kids and 14 years of marriage.

Yesterday I moaned about how I just needed a little romance in my life. It had been 3 weeks/YEARS of late nights, busy schedules and ‘sleep regression’ for this Mama, and by then I felt a strong need for some ‘candlelight and wine’ with my babe, or any adult for that matter.

So this is what I found last night when i came in to our room to put the baby down, along with some *actual* candles on our bed, to which we laughed and talked, and then drifted off to sleep peacefully in each other’s arms.

Actually what happened is the baby wasn’t ready to sleep and I didn’t want the house to burn down (not tonight SATAN!!) so I promptly blew out the candles and brought my chocolates out to the back patio to enjoy BY MYSELF while my husband tried to put the baby to sleep.

The four-year-old (who was supposed to be asleep!!) kept yelling that he was scared and that he needed water and my hubby finally pulled out some major Kung Fu to get them both to quiet down so that he could join me on the back patio for TWO SECONDS, but by then I was so tired I couldn’t form sentences and he had asked me something about our Jeep after I had just thought about our neighbor lady and my hopeless existence, so I just stared off into the universe like a delirious zombie, while he kept trying to talk.

Twenty-two hours later I eventually gathered myself together enough to look him in the arm pits and through tear-filled eyes, I said  “could you give me a minute???”

You guys. This man did not even skip a beat, he kept right on trying.

He kept right on trying, to find me amidst the chaos, to connect with me in spite of the obvious ‘life’ getting in the way and I for one, am so grateful to him for that. I am so lucky and grateful and I owe the last tiny little bits of my scattered brain to him.

Because this is true romance, y’all. This is true love, when you’re not in the right mood and everything goes exactly OPPOSITE as planned and you’re both tired and fried and you still show up and you still ‘try’.

That’s when we know we are truly loved anyway, right??

We went on to have a hellish, horrible night in which the baby kept waking us up every 20 minutes and we kept trying EVERYTHING we’ve ever known, to get him back to sleep, with absolutely zero success. I finally got a few hours of light sleep this morning when he finally settled and my husband took the four year old with him to work, but not before he left a coffee by my bed, just. The. Way. I. Like it.

And that’s the story of how I got some ‘romance’ in my life last night.

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