Things You Might Not Know About Me.



So, first things first. I like chocolate. All kinds of chocolate. Fancy. Plain. Gooey. Crisp. Bitter. Dark. And Sweet.

I drink cheap wine because I like to support the little guy. Or whoever “he” is that makes cheap wine. I’m thoughtful like that.

I have two darling kids that make me question my sanity and they are the reasons why I exist and also why I have issues with the above mentioned things. I heart them.

I am obsessed with church houses and graveyards and I like to take pictures of sunsets and baby feet.

I’d like to think that I am a gardener cuz I grow my own herbs and tomatoes.

I am curious to a fault, and I always need to know the “why” behind the “what,” so…I research the daylights out of EVERYTHING.

I have been known to spew out random, meaningless bits of information on a variety of subjects at any given time. It’s annoying.

Also, I frequently make up my own words, and sometimes they make appearances on the pages of this blog. In that case, TRY to understand what they mean, because they are important, even if they are not in the dictionary.

Oh, did I mention that I like to write?? Well, surprise, surprise, I DO! It’s how I process life, and it’s how this blog came to be.

Now, tell me about YOU! Browse these pages, comment, share, pull up a chair and let’s get to know each other!