Happy Home

We’re All in This Together.

The frozen icy mix hits my face as I walk across the parking lot/hall of shame to my local TJ’s in my leopard print pj’s to see if they have any almond butter. I need it for my granola that I’m halfway through making at home The tiny ice crystals bite extra hard against my… read more

Progress. Not Perfection.

I wasn’t going to post these pictures. Truth is, I was going to post a more “perfect” one to show my recent weight loss, but hey #progressnotperfection, Amiriiiight??? So I’m posting these because the truth is, the teething baby needed to be held and this is the most he had smiled all morning and THIS… read more

The Break(ing).

It’s late, but I am just now able to catch my breath from everything that’s been happening these past few days. My kid broke her arm and just like that all of my plans for this week came screeching to a halt and instead I’ve just been rubbing her down with essential oils, putting TONS… read more

Living the Dream.

A friend asked me the other day “what I’m dreaming about these days?” and honestly I hadn’t thought much about it recently. It’s a legit question that needs to be asked, but then I realized that somewhere in the laundry and the constant “referree-ing” of who gets the last piece of cookie, I had not… read more

Motherhood. (The Things No One Ever Told me.)

No one ever told me how absolutely heartbreaking motherhood would be. No one ever told me how scary or challenging or exhausting or hard this path is. I didn’t know how much my body would ache or how many meals I would skip or how many nights I would go without sleep.   There have… read more

The Birth of Me.

What a difference a year makes! I’m feeling all the feels tonight as I tuck my 12 month old baby into bed and remember this night a year ago. I was so spent, I had reached the end of myself and my pregnancy and I had gone for one last waddle in the cool evening… read more

Celebrating ’40’ + Saving my Sanity in San Diego.

Hey guys! I’m sorry it’s been so long and that you’ve had to go on without me here on the interwebs. I’m sure it’s been hard to live without my silly rants and cheesy humor. I apologize. But I’m going to keep it real. I’ve had a baby, my THIRD baby human and that human… read more

On Love and Romance (After Baby).

Y’all. This is what love looks like after 3 kids and 14 years of marriage. Yesterday I moaned about how I just needed a little romance in my life. It had been 3 weeks/YEARS of late nights, busy schedules and ‘sleep regression’ for this Mama, and by then I felt a strong need for some… read more

Baby Skin.

Sometimes I stare at his paper-thin skin and I wonder how in the world can I possibly protect him? How can I possibly preserve his innocence in this cruel and rigid world? It’s such a stark contrast to the toughness and furrowed brows of our society and yet when I think about it, we are… read more