Tulum. (A Long-Awaited Travel Blog)

I wasn’t planning on writing about our trip to Mexico last fall, lord knows I’ve had so many more urgent and important issues to address like adoption and women’s marches and the insanity of 2016, that writing a travel blog felt a bit leisure and lacking to put out there at the time. Nevertheless, it… read more


“How would you like to live here?” He said, As we walked through that dumpy neighborhood Of run down trailers and dogs on chains And I thought for a second about what he was saying He wasn’t being judgy, he was just trying to cheer me up about my own life, and that’s when I… read more

I March for Kindness.

I wasn’t physically at any of the women’s marches this weekend, but there are a few things I’d like to say anyway. First I need you to know, my dear fellow women, that my absence doesn’t mean that I don’t care or that I don’t see you. Just because I didn’t wave a sign this… read more

This Bittersweet Life. (An Adoption Update)

It’s New Year’s eve and I’m sitting here on my faux leather couch watching paint dry while my husband rolls the last coat of dark brown onto the accent walls in our living room. The color is “bittersweet chocolate” and I think about how fitting that is…how bitter and sweet this year and our lives… read more

When Forever Turns to Temporary.

Sitting aloneĀ in my car trying to warm up and sum up what has happened these past few weeks and wondering why I don’t feel anything wondering why I don’t know more than I did about our future with you   When you came, you were so bright-eyed and hopeful And I was so sure that… read more

In Her Eyes.

She strokes my hair and looks at me like I am the best thing that’s ever happened to her. She reaches for my hand and leads me through my house Bouncing into the bedroom, She has me sit on the bed And then she brings me things, all the things from my closet, hats, scarves,… read more

Fashion Series: Winter, Boots and Layers.

Hello there beauties, I hope you all are staying warm! Is it just me or did it suddenly turn into the Arctic here in NORTH America??? It’s only been cold in Colorado for a week now and I’m already freezing. I’m already trying to figure out how I’m going to stay warm and happy and… read more

This is Our “Yes.” (An Adoption Update).

Hey guys! It’s time for an adoption update on here. So much has happened in our hearts and in our process since I last shared about it and it’s high time to let y’all know what’s going on. So, here goes. Earlier this year we were having technical difficulties with the adoption situation in Nicaragua… read more

How Did We Get Here?

How did we get here? Bartering our hope and the future Of our children For a piece of pipeline And the almighty dollar Selling our souls and Silencing our truths For the promise of A position And the perception of power?   How did we get here? Putting our health and well being On the… read more

On Saving the World and Letting Yourself Go (Hungry}.

I’ve been feelin the funk lately. You know. that “drowning in your own head and your own sea of unworthiness” kind of feeling? Afraid of the world and the change of seasons, and feeling like perhaps you don’t matter and that at the end, nobody will have heard or seen you anyway and that you… read more