Happy Home

R and R.

Despite various trials and a minor emotional breakdown, John and I left on a little road trip, today. Without our bebe. (Don’t worry. She’s with my Momma, and I am sure she will not miss us. At all!) We were planning to go south to Telluride, until the fires wiped out many of the places we were planning to… read more

Along the Broken Road. There are many surprises!

Hello my beautiful ones. Geesh. It’s been awhile… I’m not even going to start with the reasons for why I have been absent from this blog. It’s called summer. Settling in. Chasing wildfires. (literally!) Walking to the grocery store. Having playdates at my house. Cook-outs at my mom’s. Taking Ari to piano. Fishing. Planting. I’ve been busy… read more

On Gardens and Gods and Leaving the Work Behind.

This is one of those rare moments where we joined John on a business trip, and it actually panned out. It actually “was” a good opportunity for us to have some quality adventure as a family. Not the kind where we’re hunting down a size three diaper in an airport. Thank God! Nope. Just good, clean fun. In a gorgeous place.… read more

Glimpses of a Clear Blue Soul.

It’s the first dreary day we’ve had since the day we moved here, and it finds me at no other, than the Wild Boar, having a “coffee” date with my toddler. Ahh. The world looks so much different when I sit across the table from my three-year old. I needed this. I’ve been feeling a… read more

Fun. In Sickness. And in Stress.

In spite of the fact that I spent a day atrophying in bed, and then spent the weekend stressing and fighting, it’s been a good week. Good, because it was sunshiny and bright and I got a tan. Good, because I got to celebrate my Mom and her birth, and…well. She is pretty awesome. Not to… read more

Things I (Still) Love About Colorado.

It’s ten o’clock and I am sitting by my sunny kitchen window with three large chocolate chip cookies and a cup of coffee in hand. Yes, I said, “three LARGE cookies.” Don’t judge. They are my Mom’s. And they have oatmeal. You know, like fiber. Somehow I rationalize this with the fact that they have nine-hundred-fifty, butter-induced calories. Old fashioned,… read more

My Fall Garden.

So, all summer I’ve been wanting to take pictures of my garden, as it grew and flourished and produced, among many splendorous things, the most beautiful tomato plant ever. Obviously, the pictures didn’t happen. I guess I was too busy cleaning up cat poop. I don’t know what happened. But now that summer is over and… read more

Who says you can’t have Christmas at the Holiday Inn?

It’s December 17th and we are in the panhandle of Florida, smack dab in the middle of cookie-baking and gift-wrapping and last-minute shopping. Oh such stressful bliss. I’m not sure how I got here the very week before Christmas, with the potential that we’d have to stay through the ever important eve of Jesus’s birthday? Oh I know. What… read more

New Yawk: On Finding Diapers, Food, and the OCC.

Long before the sun rose this morning, John and I packed up lil beanstalk and jumped on a plane to New York. It was so early, in fact, that none of my bodily functions were working. Or at least not the ones responsible to make sure we bring diapers with us. I conveniently sent them with the checked in luggage! Never… read more

Homemade Candles.

Today I did the unimaginable and actually took out that old leftover candle wax I had been saving for two hundred years. Yes I did. I breathed new life into those dirty pieces of wax that were taking up space in my shop and my brain, and I finally brought them into their destiny…to be… read more