Happy Life

Life. Continued…

Tonight while surfing around in this great land of web space, I came across some pictures of a long lost friend on facebook. I looked at pictures of him and his wife, and their son, who looks like about four years old, although I’ve never met him. I stared at each one and thought about… read more

Five Beautiful Years.

I just wiped the last of those green avocados off of my baby’s face, and I have only a few moments to reflect on what this day means…You’d never guess that it’s such an important holiday for us. It’s been five years since I stood at the back of that church house with butterflies in… read more

Three Weeks and a Girl Named Ariana.

It has been three weeks since I first laid eyes on her…since I have become transformed by the greatest love on earth. Love that has taken me on a journey of blissful discovery, and heartwrenching pain, of pure joy and deepest mystery. I never knew the answers to so many of life’s questions would lie… read more

The Little Boy in the Big Blue Shirt.

I fell in love today. I don’t know his name but he was very small and he was wearing a smile as big as his dirty blue shirt. He was the first one to come running toward us as we walked through the gate of that unsuspecting children’s home. My heart melted and I could not help… read more

Two Americans on Two Crisp White Mats.

This morning John and I woke up feeling kinda sore and achy, so we decided to try out another cheap Khmer massage. It seemed like a grand idea, since we had walked two hundred miles the day before, to see the sunset over this certain temple…turns out it was a hill of stones with a lot… read more

Taxi Drivers and Pink Toilet Paper

It’s been three full days now that John and I have breathed in the culture here in Cambodia…and I must say, we have been surprised, intrigued, challenged, and humbled in so many ways. Our flights were mostly long and boring, but that all ended as soon as we set foot inside the capitol city. We… read more


So it’s that time…the last leaves are clinging relentlessly to the trees, the summertime busy-ness has given way to early sunsets and long evenings…and pumpkin spice lattes are calling out to me everywhere I turn…It’s that time…when I turn the page of another year. And in my usual fashion, I kick into the mode of… read more

Used Hair Dryers and Puffy-Eyed Neighbors

Last week, I was busy doing a yard/bake sale with my mother-in-law. So I was rockin it, goin through all of our ten-thousand boxes, bakin brownies, slappin on those flourescent stickers and makin signs. The end? Fifty quarters and a hundred dollar bills layin around my house… There is always a point where I wonder… read more