Old Journals. New inspiration.

It’s been a while since I touched base with the world through this blog. I don’t know for sure what happened, except that I got knocked up and then I got nauseous, and then I had no energy to cook, or run after my four-year-old, much less to write about any of it. But thank God, that’s… read more

Vegas: The Other America. The Other Girl.

It’s been eleven years since I last left my mark on Las Vegas. And actually, I’m pretty sure I left more of a mark on a snow-covered embankment beside East I-70, on my way home, than I ever did in Sin City.  But that’s for another time! I had followed the rodeo, all the way to the Nationals Finals which landed me at… read more

When I get big…

“I wanna be a donkey.” Only my child would say that. I took her out for some oatmeal, (yes, oatmeal!) at the Corner Bakery today and I got to ask her some very important questions. Like what she wanted to be when she grows up. You know, like a baker, since she loves baking cookies,… read more

Darlin, the “Titty.”

I don’t like cats. After Ari drowned the first one under a downspout, I thought “oh that’s too bad. But hey, it’s just a cat. We can get another one for our little beanstalk. No big deal.” I did feel sorry for the poor kitty to be drowned before its time. But, I just wasn’t that attached to… read more

Catching Chickens in Silk Dresses.

So last night I went with a few girls to hang at my friend Connie’s. Before I left, I assured John, who was going to be car-less, and stuck in the house with a two year old, that I would be home before late. Now if you’ve ever been to Connie’s house, you know it can get interesting. I mean. Four kids under six. A… read more