Ninety Three Years.

Today, the sun rose on the family farm just like it had for 93 years but this time, it was different. The wire that held the same fence posts in place, the briskness in the air felt exactly the same on my face as it always did, but this time it burned memories into my… read more

Depression: It’s Not What You Think.

Let’s talk about depression. It’s such a deadly thing and yet no one wants to talk about it, much less, seems to understand it. And yet with all the recent deaths of celebrities, we can see just how deadly and important it really is. As someone who has struggled nearly all my life with this,… read more

To the Lonely at Christmas.

To the lonely at Christmas I see you and I know. I know what it’s like to get together for the first time and have to set the table for one less then you did the year before because cancer came and left you an empty chair I know what it’s like to feel the… read more

The Slowing. (A Poem)

Words come slow and steady on the paper where my heart and my tea pours, and I feel the warmth of the Autumn sun against my cheeks. It fills my mind with thoughts of beauty, of life, of death, and the endless cycle that it is. How nothing in this world lasts, but how it is good and helpful and wise,… read more

The Gift of Grief.

(This is a continuation of my last post “When Grief Comes…” If you haven’t read it, please do so, and then continue here.) I learned a few things from that moment of grief at the San Diego airport. One of them is that it really IS ok to cry. It’s ok to let yourself hurt and feel and… read more

When Grief Comes, Unexpected.

I was not prepared for the tsunami that hit me in my chest, when I walked down that sunny terminal toward gate number 44 at the San Diego Airport last Sunday. I had spent three days in the city, networking with bloggers and hanging at the beach with my brother and his wife, who live… read more


She is the light that shines through the trees in the middle of winter. A light that refuses to go out. Even in the darkness she carries her sorrow with a smile, a smile that goes on forever through her loss and her deepest longings and the pain that she feels. Behind the smile is a heart that is… read more

My Journey to Health: Finding Community

One of the first things I noticed about the hospital at Oasis, is that they left the patients’ room doors open. Unless the doctors were discussing confidential information with the patient, there was plenty of freedom to come and go, and to visit each other as we pleased. In fact, that kind of interaction seemed to be promoted. I should not have been surprised. It… read more

My Journey to Health: Cancer, Part 3

We were all shocked and devasted by my father’s sudden passing. Even my mom who had spent the last two days with him, did not suspect that the end was near. We believed with all our hearts that he would be healed, up to the very end. When I waved goodbye to him at the airport, I had… read more

My Journey to Health: Cancer, Part 2

At first it seemed that my dad did well under the treatment at Oasis. He fought against nausea and a metallic taste in his mouth from the chemo, which made him not want to eat, but other than that, he seemed to be doing okay. That is, until about seven weeks into it… That’s when we… read more