My Journey to Health: Cancer, Part 2

At first it seemed that my dad did well under the treatment at Oasis. He fought against nausea and a metallic taste in his mouth from the chemo, which made him not want to eat, but other than that, he seemed to be doing okay. That is, until about seven weeks into it… That’s when we… read more

My Journey to Health: Cancer, Part 1

It’s been seven years since I got the call that my dad had cancer. But I remember my Mama’s somber words, as if it was yesterday. Even her optimistic and hopeful attitude could not mask the brevity of such news. It seared into my conscience like the damp concrete of our Carolina patio piercing my bare feet. Life and… read more

A Series on Health: And so it begins!

Lately I’ve been asked alot of questions about health, or how to be healthy. Which is funny, cuz I feel like in many ways, I’ve fallen off the bandwagon, myself. I’ve entertained more negative thoughts, skipped out on more exercise, and eaten more oreos than I care to admit. And yet, surprisingly enough, people still… read more

Spring: The Resurrection!

Winter is almost over now and I see the light, the light of Spring. A hint of green. I’m beginning to breathe again. I breathe in the blue skies. Clear water. Yellow sun. And I sing. I sing a song I’ve never heard. A happy one, bubbling up from a crack in the soul. Where… read more

Old Journals. New inspiration.

It’s been a while since I touched base with the world through this blog. I don’t know for sure what happened, except that I got knocked up and then I got nauseous, and then I had no energy to cook, or run after my four-year-old, much less to write about any of it. But thank God, that’s… read more

His Name Was Johnny.

I met him when he was three and I was sixteen. My sister and I had traveled from our home in Ohio, to a tiny community in East Tennessee, for a wedding, and since we knew a few of his (many!) sisters, they welcomed us to stay with their family. We instantly bonded with all… read more

Why Do You Cry, Mama?

It’s Saturday and it’s still early. I get up and make some coffee, and lay out my still-sleeping daughter’s clothes for her Christmas program. Everything is fine, until I go online to check my e-mail, and that’s when I see the pictures. The heartbreaking pictures of yesterday’s shooting. We don’t watch the news at our house, and barely any tv, so this is the first… read more

The Quiet.

I know I’ve been a little quiet on this blog. There are a few reasons for this, one of which is the fact that I am researching, learning, and absorbing the things that will make this thing better. Another reason could be that it’s the holidays and I am busy. But that is not all of it. Some of… read more

Spiderwebs, Skulls, and Stress.

It is the last day in October and I am drying my rosemary-scented hair in the bright, mid-afternoon sun. Beanstalk is playing, uh, learning at school, and that gives me two and a half hours of uninterrupted “me” time. Time to reflect. Meditate. Write. Create. Time to   de-stress. It is also Halloween, but I really could… read more

Love, Life, and the Death of a Friend.

I sat down at the end of the day to write about my successful shopping trip that I had yesterday, and how I had scored a ton of produce, for very cheap. I was excited to share my findings, and my photos with you. That was, until late last night, when I recieved the news that an… read more