Twenty-Minute Oats + How to Be a Crunchy Hippie Mom

I have an amazing recipe to share with y’all today. Get ready! It’s pretty much straight from the garden of Eden, but first I need to confess something.

I don’t like oatmeal. I know, horrors! The self-proclaimed crunchy Mom doesn’t eat the staple, the basic essence of the whole-food-crunchy-hippie-Mom movement, the god of the grains, oatmeal??

Nope. I’m finally coming out. I’m speaking my truth. And the truth is, I’ve never really liked the stuff.

Even when I was a kid, and my mom would pile it up with raisins and brown sugar and fresh milk, I don’t remember loving it.


Oh, I’ve tried! I’ve tried to be that person that packs a warm bowl with her on her hike up to a yoga retreat in the bamboo forests of Malaysia (not that I’ve ever been there, but still). I’ve tried to be that mom that licks her kids’s bowls clean of the slimy stuff, and even piled on the fruit and yogurt and coconut and every good thing under the sun, until there was barely a hint of the wholesome grains underneath, but still, no matter how I would make it, I just…I couldn’t make myself love it. I could never get past the texture of it.

Until….dun-da-da-dun-da-dunn! I found this recipe.

I first tried overnight oats when I made them for a family camping trip we took last summer. And I absolutely fell in love with them! Who knew I just didn’t like my oatmeal, cooked??? Orr, WARM??

I discover something new about myself every day.

And these are so much easier than the cooked kind anyway!

I’ve made them many times since then, and they’ve become better and easier than they were the first time. I’m pretty sure I’ve even eaten them straight out of the bowl!

Since then, I’ve found that there are a million ways to make overnight oats, but this is by far our favorite. They’re so easy and you don’t need to wait a WHOLE NIGHT (ain’t nobody got time fer that!) while you’re sleeping and dreaming, to eat them? What if you wake up in the middle of the night and you’re craving oats like a stallion craving a mare in heat? Ok, bad analogy. But you know…like a pregnant woman craving pickles, I mean, a pregnant woman craving ANYTHING. You can’t be waiting around til morning!

When you need oats, you need oats.


My daughter and I have had so much fun with these. She loves to help me put them in little mason jars and pile them high with coconut, mango, bananas, and granola and often requests them in her lunch.

And who can blame her? They really are the most delightful little things. Even the husband gets excited about these and I would graze on them all day if my toddler would let me.

So now if you see a crunchy hippie person on Instagram holding a bowl of oats filled with all manner of beautiful things, it just might be ME.

Come to think of it, because of this recipe, I just might be that Mom now. I have arrived.

Twenty Minute Oats
  1. Mix all ingredients together, cover, and let sit at room temperature for about 20 minutes.
  2. Place in bowls or mason jars and top with your favorite nuts, fruit, seeds, coconut, CHOCOLATE, whatever your heart desires, and eat up!


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