The birthday box that smelled like strawberry…

After a very frustrating afternoon of trying to be everywhere at one time, (still haven’t figured out how to do that!:)) I finally came home to find this beautiful box on my back porch. I knew it was coming. Well, I knew something was coming from my mom.But I didn’t know it would be so perfectly wrapped and smell so deliciously like strawberry jam.everyday blog 2 011

I wasted no time tearing into the paper and cutting the layers of tape, and not even the suspicious pink “goo” oozing out of  the corners of  the box could deter me from getting to my prize.everyday blog 2 016

So I reached in and to my delight, started pulling out…quaker bars, bread, (nice, soft homemade bread from my mom! yeah!), dried apple slices, chocolate chip cookies (once again, you can’t beat my mom’s!!)…before I realized it was covered in yummy smelling pinkish stuff and had white styrofoam peanuts stuck to it. Not to worry! I knew there was more, so I kept on digging and yelping (it could have been Christmas, for all that I cared! I had just gotten a big box of goodies from my mother!!) until I reached into a massive glob of that sticky pink stuff and broken pieces of a mason jar.

everyday blog 2 020

As it turns out, the “yummy smelling pinkish stuff” was actually a jar of homemade strawberry jam that my mom had sent along. Needless to say, it didn’t quite make it. Well. Actually it made it, just not in the jar anymore. It had now been distributed quite liberally throughout the box, hence the wonderful aroma coming out of the box.:)

everyday blog 2 024

But thanks to my mother and her most thoughtful ways, I had the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I am in a much better mood now, my heart is toasty warm and there’s still a smile on my face. (Not to mention, my fingers are still sticky.:))


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