I thought my wish list was really gonna be quite simple this year. But it keeps growing. It started out just being one simple item, reincarnated from last year’s (or was it the year before???) list. It was a Krups coffee grinder. I loved it until I put a massive piece of parmesan cheese into it and bust it all to pieces. So now it’s on my list again. Then there’s my secret little wish. Don’t laugh! It’s a box of Crest Whitestrips. Only because I want teeth that glow like my sister’s. And it’s just one of those things I never think I have the money to buy. Silly…I know.

Oh, but there’s more…silly little things. Like a food grater. You know! Those things that Ghiada uses to glide, ever so gracefully, over lemons,  making lots of perfectly tiny pieces of citrus, which she puts into EVERYTHING. My current system is as awkward as scraping honey out of a jar, with a soup ladle. So far, it is better at grating the skin off of my fingers than the skin off of lemons, or oranges, for that matter. Enough said. Clearly I need ONE.

Speaking of honey, I really really want one of those honey jar things. Like the one with a round wooden ladle… And the little bees buzzing all around it. Yeah! I can’t believe I don’t own one! As many times as I’ve picked it up and admired its utter cuteness, I mean, really. It costs like all of $6. I should have it by now.

That probably would have been it, but then of course within the past three weeks, I’ve developed a new addiction. It’s called ImagineIff and it’s a game that actually keeps my attention for more than a week. I like it alot. Only problem is, it belongs to my friend Heather, and since I’ve been asking to borrow it like every day, guess it’s prolly time I get my own.

Oh and one more thing. Don’t know if I should even really think this out loud, but I think I may need to break down and wish for a Chi flat iron. As much I wanted to believe  in my very well-researched Sedu, I gotta say, after ten months of gentle usage, it has given up the ghost and is now laying undisturbed in the back of my bathroom drawer. So I gotta give it to my sis, once again, who swears by it, for her glossy blonde locks.

I’m sure there’s gonna be more, but that’s it as of right now, December 23rd. I’m not really getting my hopes up for any of it. I just wanted to see it all on paper, making me feel accomplished in some sort of weird, goal-oriented way.

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