Behind the Shadows.

No matter what the eclipses of our lives and no matter where we stand in the darkness, we can be sure that the light will come, the sun will shine again.

While the world is darkened with crime and the news is depressing with stories of hate, there is yet a light that shines in the darkness and there is yet a people who refuse to let evil dim that light. There is yet a love that endures and binds and heals all races and eradicates the wounds that history has engraved upon innocent victims.

There is still a people and there is still a church and there is still a God who sees no color and who loves unconditionally and his light will shine on, no matter the darkness. There are still men and there are still women willing to carry the torches of hope and truth and compassion in our streets.

These are the helpers, the REAL torch bearers in our land. These are the pastors and people and world leaders who seek not to make a name for themselves but to bring justice and mercy and freedom for others, and these are the REAL protesters. Dirty and sweaty not from wielding their weapons but from carrying their fellow man and this is love, pure and deep, unyielding love.

And this is what we don’t see.

This is what they don’t show us In the headlines and politically fabricated narratives and so we squint through the pin holes of our constructed realities for a glimpse of what is true and what is real.

And there on the horizon, behind the shadows and the crime scenes, are the real lovers and the real light workers and there in the darkness, the light is still shining…brighter and more beautiful than ever.

Look for it. Look for them. Look for the light my friends, and always look for the love.


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